Lark Pilinsky
"Lark's art usually focused on landscape subjects – albeit ones that often disappear into a painterly scumble (only to reappear on second or third glance) – Lark describes those subjects with sweeping, almost sculpted brushstrokes and clots of paint, as well as a glowing palette that descends from the French Impressionists, luminous and mysterious atmospherics reminiscent of J.M.W. Turner, and a granular embrace of nature – a comprehension of space itself as part of the natural order – that brings to mind Gustave Courbet and the Barbizon painters."
- Peter Frank, Art CriticMore about Lark

Lark's Enchanted World

Launched recently Larisa Pilinsky's book "Lark's Enchanted World" consists of 62 paintings from Lark's "Conversations With Nature" series, and 62 poems infused with love for nature and the divine. It is available now for sale on
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" I am rarely a 'fan' of any artist, but LARK aka Larisa Pilinsky is an exceptional phenomenon. Besides her brilliant sense of composition, she is the ultimate "Green Artist" or maybe she is also the grand 'love child' of Kandinsky and Schwitters, but regardless I find Lark's talent is built from the 'shoulders' of masters of 20th century. "

- Tony Clark, Chévalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, American Association Of Museum Directors Board Member -


Born in the remote mountains of central Asia and surrounded by wild nature, Lark (Larisa Pilinsky) brings powerful healing vibrations of nature into her unique art style based on meditation and intuition.From the beginning of her art career, Lark’s art caught the attention of art lovers and gained recognition from art jurors including LA Weekly critic Peter Frank, Sweeney Art Gallery director Tyler Stallings, Santa Monica Museum of Art director Lisa Melandri and MOCA curator Alma Ruiz.Fusing classical and contemporary art traditions, Lark's award-winning artworks carry her signature gestural brushstrokes and vibrant color palettes. They have been featured in the many prestigious exhibitions, art catalogs and sold globally in France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, Armenia, Canada, Sweden and many other countries.In 2021 - 2023 Lark's art was exhibited in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and the Shiba City Museum of Art. In both shows Lark got Gold Awards.Articles about Lark's art and her achievements were published in the Huffington Post, Immigrant, Voyage, CanvasRebel, Art & Beyond and Painting World Magazines describing her work and career.